Microsoft Imagine Cup 2024 Unlock your Startup’s potential

Microsoft Imagine Cup, the world’s largest student-led AI-building competition offers students to unleash their passion and purpose to develop inspiring leading-edge technology solutions in one of four competition categories—Earth, Education, Health, and Lifestyle–that could make a difference in the world. If you’re a passionate learner of AI, technology and entrepreneurship, then this is your chance to take your startup to the next level and make a splash on the world stage. Here’s what to look forward at the Imagine Cup 2024:

Are you among the cutting-edge students who have already registered for the Imagine Cup 2024,or are you thinking about joining this world-class competition for AI-driven visionary entrepreneurs and maybe even signing up for Imagine Cup 2024? Either way, it’s time to dive into what’s next for you as you move through the Imagine Cup competition phases.

Before exploring deep into different phases of Imagine Cup, let us first take a quick glance into the various deadlines:

Qualifying: Build the Future with AI 16 October, 2023 – 24 January, 2024
Minimal Viable Product (MVP) Submissions 26 January, 2024 – 9 February, 2024
Semi Finals: Accelerate your growth 23 February, 2024 – 12 April, 2024
World Championship: Showcase your business on a global stage May-24

Now, let’s take a look at the next phases in your journey toward AI innovation and entrepreneurship through Imagine Cup 2024.


Phase 1:- Qualifying: Shape the Future with AI

Congratulations to those who have already submitted their innovative AI startup ideas for qualification! We commend you for taking the first step. For individuals who have not yet submitted, there’s still time! The qualifying stage, which started on October 16, 2023 and will continue until January 24, 2024, allows you to submit your idea and gain access to the credits. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase how your AI-driven solution can make a significant impact on industry or society. Remember, this is your ticket to the rest of your Imagine Cup journey.

Before moving on to stage 2…

  • Now is the perfect time to start building as you gain access to the Founders Hub. Once you are approved in the Qualifying Stage, the next phase awaits you. The Founders Hub will serve as your entry point for utilizing AI to shape the future as an Imagine Cup participant. Here, you’ll get USD 2,500 in OpenAI credits and USD $1,000 in Azure credits.
  • Additionally, you can take part in the Imagine Cup Cloud Skills Challenge. This is your opportunity to learn vital tech, AI, and entrepreneurial skills that will help you throughout your entire entrepreneurial journey, not just during the competition. It’s a fantastic chance to hone your abilities and expand your potential for upcoming projects.

Phase 2:- MVP Submission Period

As the competition moves forward, the next important stage is the submission of your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Use your qualifying benefits to develop your MVP submission. Make a note of the dates January 26 – February 9, as this is when you will be required to submit your MVP. It is crucial to comply with the rules and regulations and ensure that your submission fulfills all the requirements, as this step is essential for your progress in the competition. Remember that this stage is when your creative ideas start to take shape and become real, enabling you to present your startup thoughts to others!

Phase 3:- Semifinals: Propel Your Growth

Your mentors will serve as trusted partners, helping you leverage Microsoft’s cutting-edge AI capabilities for your startup’s success and inspiring you with the endless possibilities as an entrepreneur. The Semifinals mark the moment when your strategic business ideas soar, fueled by state-of-the-art Microsoft AI. Remember: Throughout your journey as a founder, you will connect with a vibrant community of change makers and drive meaningful positive change.

Phase 4:-World Championship marks the culmination of your Imagine Cup journey

The top three teams gather on a global platform at Microsoft Build! This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your depth, potential, and innovation that can bring about positive change in both industry and society. The stakes are high, with the winning team not only securing a grand prize of USD100,000 but also earning an exclusive mentorship session with Microsoft Chairman and CEO, Satya Nadella. Additionally, global recognition awaits, opening doors to countless future opportunities.

It is important to remember that both the second-place teams will also be awarded USD50,000 each.

Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurugram is one such temple of learning where you can materialize your dream of succeeding in these kinds of championships. Dronacharyans have crossed the boundaries and emerged as Winners of Microsoft Imagine Cup- 2023, INDIA Finals and represented INDIA at the Imagine Cup World Finals.

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