Are Engineers Better Entrepreneurs ???

Job Market in India has grown rapidly with the advent of 21st centuary. It is expected industries will keep growing continuously in coming years.  In near future startups and entrepreneurship will be on boom. Government of India is also promoting startups. In budget 2022, tax incentive for startups increased by one year.

What is the common point among famous Indian entrepreneurs likeBhavish Aggarwal (Ola)DeepinderGoyal (Zomato) Sachin Bansal (Flipkart), RichaKar (Zivame), Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Paytm)? They are all engineer-turned-entrepreneurs who gained recognition for themselves globally because of their extraordinary work. Some world-famous international businessmen like Carlos Slim,Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg also started their career as engineers. This raises the question, “Do engineers have a better chance of entrepreneurship?”

Reasons why engineers are better entrepreneurs:

From the above, it appears that engineers have the quality to become the successful entrepreneurs. But what is that makes them capable?? The reasons lie underneath:

Problem Solving Skill:

As engineers have technical background and exposure to several projects to solve real world problem, they possess an ability of better understanding of problems and finding as many solutions as possible.  They proceed with the best solutions suitable for running the business effectively.

Technical Skills:

Business world is becoming more technological. Engineers have the upper hand when it comes to innovation as they truly understand how the technicality works. Engineers understand the ins and outs of product development and thus make great business leaders.

Innovative Skills:

One of the important skills that drive any business is Innovation. Engineers possess the ability to envision situation from multiple perspective and hence can improve the existing system to solve problem. Innovation is one of the reasons why engineers make great entrepreneurs.

Resilience Skills:

Engineers have the capability to face challenges and overcome from them. Engineers possess “never give-up” mindset. Engineers never look back to failure and have strength to overcome in no time. Thus engineers can become successful entrepreneurs.

Dronacharyans as Successful Entrepreneurs:

Here are the stories of Dronacharyans-turned-entrepreneurs and what they did different from others that have earned them national recognition.

Priyanka Madani – Startup; Easy To Pitch

Priyanka Madani (Batch 2016 EEE Branch) is a Mentor of Change at AIM, NITI Aayog. She is recognized with Indian Women Excellence and Leadership Award 2019 in E Commerce and also recognized with Women Excellence Award for Easy To Pitch in March 2020 at National Brand and Marketing Summit. She mentors founders to be pitch ready.She was among the top 30 Women Entrepreneurs to be incubated by WEE foundation at IIT Delhi. She started India’s first AI platform for founders to become investment ready.

Vivek Bansal – Startup; App Web Studios

Vivek Bansal started his company in App Web Studios from Gurgaon, India in 2012 and now has its presence in USA and Australia. His company is a providing website design, iOS, android mobile application development services to more than 60+ companies like Parle, Relaxo etc. He also owns a company Samrudhi Multi Ventures Pvt. Ltd, started in 2020.

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