Best Career Option :B.Tech or B.Sc

Students and parents both are generally confused when it comes toopt between B.Techand B.Sc. for the successful future? This question exasperatesthem until they make their mind by electing one course. But on what criterion should students select the course? What elements should be considered? What are the basic divergences between these courses? To understand the differences let’s have a look at various angles of both the courses.

B.Sc. is an area of study which focuses primarily on science as the name suggests. The contents of B.Sc. programs are usually theoretical. Usually, it is a more study-oriented program whereas B.Tech stands for Bachelor of Technology and it is more career-oriented. B.Tech is a program focused on applied science.

Have you ever heard from your elders, “A lot of extent is offered by Engineering ” or “You will not sit idle or unemployed after doing B.Tech”. As an Indian, most students are targeting for science after matriculation and most of those science students are destined to become engineers still most of them face the same question, B.Sc. or B.Tech?

It is said that job opportunities are limited in the B.Sc. which is a little true as compared to B.Tech. , being one of the world’s most famous bachelor’s degrees with a lot of power in it and with the right track and dedication, one can achieve a lot in a short time.

By comparing B.Sc or B.Tech, as an engineering student from non-medical or PCMB background you will definitely be taking admissions into engineering courses such as Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering  or Electrical and Electronics Engineering or B.Tech Biotechnology being a medical student, you choose the one that is the most booming at that point of time. At B.Sc., you will find many itineraries to choose from depending on your interests and future goals. B.Sc. courses are specific to one’s interest. From Biology to Physics to Chemistry to Mathematics, one can take part in any course that suits one’s interests.

B.Sc. degree is the best option for candidates with more interest in academics, passionate about subject, strong theoretical foundation and willing to be in research or teaching option mostly.

Coming back to B.Tech, it is indeed a great platform for your work but B.Tech is always beneficial when followed from a good college or university. Because of the less seats in popular colleges, not all students are eligible for admission to those colleges. BSc could be another good option for you if unfortunately you cannot get into your dream college but still want to be close to science as a subject.

Buzz question is about B.Tech or B.Sc in Computer Science!!!!

When it comes to the question, which is better B.Sc in computer science or B.Tech in computer science? B.Sc. Computer Science would teach you about computer application but would not focus much on coding.

B.Tech being a more technical program should be joined by those candidates who are more technically aligned. With B.Tech degrees, the majority of the career approaches spring up in the core industry.

Now being a rationalist, I would like to emphasize on real world problem. For B.Sc students no campus placements are available and still if they wish totry their luck during campus drives in college, they have to say goodbye to their subjects (biology ,chemistry, physics and mathematics).On the other hand most of the B.Tech students got placed in their third year of curriculum only and we all know the scenario when we reach out to companies after graduation (B.Sc). Each and every company would like to employ someone  having professional degree. Forteachingprofession also NET is mandatory for BSc and MSc students whereas B.Tech and M.Tech could be interviewed directly.

In present scenario jobs are all about professional degrees (B.Tech/M.Tech/MBA)and limited options are available for academic course students (B.Sc/M.Sc).

If we conclude from a wider perspective, B.Tech as a degree is better than B.Sc. for science aspirants. The bachelor of technology is a professional degree with many real world career anticipations across a number of technical realm.

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