Scope of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Engineering is one of the most preferred career options for the students after 12th, as this opens up plethora of opportunities for budding technocrats to expand their horizons.  But while choosing the stream or specialization for their education students are puzzled as there are number of department within the ambit of engineering.

Choosing the best engineering branch from the best engineering college in India can put students on the track to a lucrative career.

“Advances in the technology of telecommunications have proved an unambiguous threat to totalitarian regimes everywhere.” – Rupert Murdoch


The world has become smaller, thanks to electronics and communication.  Decades ago, it seemed impossible to communicate to the persons who are miles away from us that too at an affordable price but here we are. Now we can not only talk but can have video chats across the world.  We have electronics and communications engineers to thank for this.

Electronic & Communications engineering (ECE) is more of a blanket term. Engineers who research, develop and make modern-day electronic devices and communication systems are Electronic communication engineers. Therefore, we can say how important this department is for fast growing technological world.


“Technology with engineering is dreaming, engineering without technology is calculation”.

In this fast-commuting world of technology no sphere is left untouched. And neither is the ECE branch. The technologies based on ECE are not hidden. To name a few the list toppers are Remote sensing and nanotechnology. Computer vision and image processing, control system and robotics have seen great heights in no time. Networking, communication and signal processing, analog and radio frequency circuits have proved that technology brings the world closure.


Neil deGrasse Tyson rightly said “Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets”. Gadgets have become inseparable to humans and perhaps this is the reason why there is no field in the world that remains untouched from electronics and computer engineers. This increases the scope and job opportunities for the young engineering minds. Undoubtedly, choosing the EC branch was not an easy task but who did have found the needle from the needle stack. The Electronics and communication engineers have become the vertebrae of digital marketing world. Engineering being a growth driven stream requires a set of specific skills. The one who masters the skill opens the doors of opportunities.  Some of the positions ECE pass outs can fill are:

  1. Electronics Engineer: The world is contemplating the rise of electronics industry. To meet the high rising demands of consumer market the ECE profilers are first choice and this creates a lot of opportunities for the ECE aspirants.
  2. Electronics and Communication Engineer: The doors of communication, networking, broadcast, transmission system work area is always open for ECE aspirants. The work mainly targets to consolidate electronics, conceptualize the communication network framework and ensure the flawless working.
  3. Electronics Design & Development Engineer: Electronics design and development is the need of the hour and the dazzling aptitude of ECE students fills every post.
  4. Desktop Support Engineer:  The portray of desktop support engineer is required in every IT and non-IT company. And this fills the profiles of ECE students with high job offers and then sky is the limit.
  5. System Control Engineer: This job profile includes not only designing of complicated systems but also testing of it. The candidates of this skilled profile are recruited as technical supervisors and system control managers. The ECE aspirants thus the key of this lock and key hypothesis.


If you too opt for Electronics and Communication Engineering as a department for your undergraduate study ensure that you go for the prestigious institutions. For instance, Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurugram is fueled by the advances in communications technology, preparing students for the industry and its anticipated challenges.


Why should I prefer ECE over CSE?

– Studying ECE will give students the option to either work in IT sector or in the core electronic industry. ECE Engineers also have great scope in govt. sector. ECE engineers have job opportunity in almost all the PSU’s.

What is the salary package of ECE Fresher?

– There are many deciding factor on which salary package of ECE students depends. But if the student has done his engineering from one the best placement college then average salary for ECE fresher can be approx. 4.5 LPA.

 Which is the best engineering college for studying ECE?

Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurugram well equipped with proficient labs and devices is the end of your search for the best ECE college. The skilled and experienced professors are the feathers of its crown.   At DCE   students will gain hands-on skills on use of electronic, electromagnetic and photonic devices and computer systems.  Students here will be taught and groomed for overall personality development.

 What is the scope of pursuing ECE?

– ‘Make in India’ concept of PM Modi’s will open plethora of jobs for Electronics and Communication Engineers. The contemplating rise in the digital world has increased the value of ECE engineers. They can easily get job in both public and private sector. The technology driven operations of the digital world and the consumer needs can be filled by ECE aspirants.

Which engineering branch serves the most secured future?

– ECE never show slow down to its aspirants. It provides the most promising and secure jobs to its.  The one who excels the skill set of ECE then sky is the limit.

What is the difference between EEE and ECE branch?

– In EEE students study about Power Systems Electrical Machines and domain relating to Electrical only. Their job opportunities limited to Electrical Only. But due the contemplation of the digital world ECE is a better choice as it provides you job offers in both public and private sectors. The high customer demands of the increasing gadgets world end at the profiles of ECE aspirants.

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