Scope of Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a topic that everybody needs to know about, yet very few tech consumers care about it. Cyber security is the array of measures you take to protect yourself from unauthorized access to your information systems. Cases of Cyber Attack are skyrocketing, criminals are continually developing the sophisticated attack methods, and innocent tech consumers are increasingly exposing their data with the hawk-eyed thieves.

“The Scope of cyber security will be largely determined by what hackers will be after. And I think this will primarily be in two areas: Health and Wealth. More specifically, this means private healthcare-related data and sensitive payment information. Private health records can be worth a fortune. Credit card data can be used for fraud or sold on the black market.” said by John Shin, Managing Director at RSI Security.

Some prominent stories have run rampant outlet. According to risk based security, “there were eight massive data breaches in the first half of 2019, which accounted for comprises of 3.2 billion records. Three of these eight data breaches are the largest breaches of all the time.

As of now the necessity of Cyber Security is matters to everyone. The good thing is that companies across the industries are now making up for the lacking of cyber security professional by investing in their developers. The experts identify and deal with the facts basis of some discussion below:

  1. Internet of things in Cyber Security

Internet of Things has become a necessity in almost everyone’s day to day life.  But this also creates new opportunities for all that information to be compromised. Not only is more data being shared through the IoT, among many more participants, but more sensitive data is being shared. As a result, the risks are exponentially greater.

Cyber security provides the efficient solutions to these problems like secure communication, authentication and authorization, data integrity, secure devices and many more.

  1. Big Data is getting more vulnerable

Big data can store large amounts of data and help analyst examine, observe and detect irregularities within the network. That makes big data analytics an appealing idea to help escape cybercrime.

The combination of big data analytics and machine learning helps businesses thoroughly analysis the collected information and scope out potential threats to company’s integrity. These tools operate in real time and produce security by quicker detection.

Peoples are sharing photos and video on social network on real time, without knowing that how data exposed to leaves for cybercriminals. Some social network also has been accused of sharing data with political campaign teams. These leave big data vulnerable.

  1. Improve Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection system helps in analyzing the working of routers, firewall, key servers and files.

It triggers its extensive attack signature database, sends appropriate notifications on detecting any breach present in the system. With the help of its signature database, IDS makes sure quick and effective detection of known anomalies with a low risk of raising false alarms.

  1. Secure Core Developer

Most data breaches are successful because of frailties in software code. This is the key to any organization security strategy.

E.g: As a business owner you may consider a good quality of software developer a bit of hefty investment. But secure software can help save your business money Secure code development might cost a little more with the salaries and testing involved. It’s still likely to be far less than actual breach. This will change in coming year as people continue to discover the great data safety potential that secure software.

  1. Cloud Security

Cloud Security is the umbrella that captures all the things necessity about security. It addresses every physical and logical security issues across all the assorted service model of code, platform and infrastructure.

Demands for these skills are high as large business seeks to protect the data. There are several threats to cloud infrastructure. Some of the biggest threats include data breaches, hijacked accounts and malicious insiders. The IT professionals would do well for explore opportunities to grow their cyber security knowledge.

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Written By:  Preeti Kumari, Alumni

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