LINKEDIN – A Professional Platform


An online professional platform for job seekers with millions of job offers, company search, network building app, advertisement, professional identity, and group collaboration.

LinkedIn is the face of both job seekers and recruiters maintaining a connection professionally on the same platform.

What all does LinkedIn provide to you,

  • Helps in Finding a job at a company that needs your help and get updates on new jobs as they come up.

  • Million of members use LinkedIn Learning to develop the most in-demand skills, also to upgrade the knowledge they have.

  • Time to time LinkedIn Events like online workshops, seminars, networking get-togethers, or sales events is held to bring the community together.


  • With LinkedIn network and profile, members typically get new jobs twice as fast.

  • It provides the correct guidance, profited by reaching to correct connection. As “The right connections can point you in the right direction and help you feel more certain and confident.”

Making a connection is the most important and a core fundamental of LinkedIn. Building connections and interacting is an important process. To avail the best features and services, you should have a list of good connections.

So as we know that “Succeeding in life is all about making connections.”

Here are some tips,

  • Start with people you already know, invite them, and get connected.
  • The next connection would be of your choice but must be strategic.
  • Connect to those who might help in building more and reaching wide.
  • LinkedIn connections are of three degrees, first, second, and third.
  • Always remember the more first-degree connections you have, you will be followed by more second and third-degree connections.
  • Use the search option to search the people of your domain, like if you are a student then connect to most of the students and mentors.

Reach your connections and give them a reason to connect with you.

Follow the Dronacharya College of Engineering’s Linkedin account that provides us abundant opportunities and drives us a step ahead of our dreams. So rather scrolling any other social networking sites we should spend our time getting updated and skilled also get ready to tap into the power of LinkedIn’s network of millions of professionals.

Soon LinkedIn will amaze you more than anything else.

Written by:  Kanika, CSE-6th semester student.

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