Computer Technology in Medical Application

Computer today is playing pivotal role in the field of medicalto bring the most advanced forms of diagnosis and treatment to patients.

 The influence of computer technology can be seen in clinical labs, imaging systems, hospital operations, and medical record storage. The application of the computer in health care has helped doctors’in advance medical science while expanding the level of care for patients.

Different Computer Based Technology Used in Medical Science

Augmented Reality in Medical Imaging:

Medical image processing is one of the applications of computer vision technology. 3D images obtained with the help augmented reality help radiologist to deliver a clear picture of the structural anomalies and provides a more accurate diagnosis.

CT Scans with the help of AR give “real world view ‘this helps doctors actually see under the skin. This enable doctors to know exactly where to inject and make proper incisions.

Augmented Reality in tumor imaging provides insights on changes in tumor size as well as other details such as end-to-end structure, shape, and margin. It also provides 3D location of speculations and proximity to adjacent structures.

IOT Based Remote Patient Monitoring:

IOT has been widely used for Remote Patient Monitoring. Wearable devices with embedded sensors can monitor patient condition whole day long and can notify the doctor.

With the Personal Healthcare Devices, an object in an IOT system medical staffs can monitor their patients at home.  Sensors trace patient health if they find any changes patient BP or pulse rate, the system automatically sends an alert to the doctor regarding the patient status over IoT and shows the details of   BP, heartbeat and temperature of patient.

Robotically – assisted surgery:

Surgical procedures planning, teaching and performing of many surgical procedures are assisted by computers. This helps surgeons to align patients’ bones and joint implants with more accuracy. Computers offers visual mapping that helps doctors to take crucial decisions during orthopedic surgeries.

Recent development in field of surgery is robotically-assisted surgery (RAS). RAS allows surgeons to use robotic devices and computer software to complete minimally-invasive procedures.  In certain parts of the body robot device can complete complex operation with the guided instructions of surgeon

Blockchain in Telemedicine:

Telemedicine is “Computers for remote patient”.  Patients far awayor in rural areas can communicate with doctors with the help of computers or smart phonesThus telemedicine offers an opportunity for medical institutions to start early treatment of faraway. During any natural disaster areas, telemedicine can greatly improve care.  But there is a risk of patient data being leaked because of absence of security controls over the collection, use and transfer of data.

With Block chain in telemedicine facilitate a more efficient way to securely store and transfer data within a telehealth system, as well as sharing of data across healthcare organizations. Medical records that  contains large amounts of information and  data and with the help of blockchain, are stored in secure, fragmented systems enabling providers to store complete patient history and securely encrypt medicaldata,”.

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