Applied Science And Humanities (1st Year)

The department of Applied Science And Humanities provides a strong foundation to the students for core engineering branches by educating them in basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in the First year. Course work on Economics, English and Management related subjects are also conducted by expert faculty of this department. Highly qualified and experienced faculty members of the college provide a firm foundation to meet the challenges in forth coming years of engineering. The well-equipped laboratories also encourage the students to verify the fundamental concepts that are taught to them. The objective of the department is to promote environment friendly technologies with special mention to alternate energy resources.

  • To establish a strong foundation for first-year engineering students, aiming to equip them with the skills to innovate and devise engineering solutions.
  • M1: To develop a solid foundation of knowledge and hands on experience in budding technocrats, empowering them to apply scientific principles to address complex engineering challenges.
  • M2: To provide education that fosters comprehension and collaboration between engineering and other core field of Applied Sciences.
  • M3: To inculcate values and ethics in students and make them responsible citizens of India.
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