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Mr. Yudhveer Kumar Verma
3D Printing Technology in Several Education Framework
National conference on Integration of STEAM in School Education February 26-28, 2021 organized by Regional Institute of Education NCERT Bhopal.
MS. Priyanka Singh
Impacts of Waste Management on Climate Change: Global trends and practices
National conference on “Sustainable Solid Waste Management - An Innovative Approach”, at Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon, 2016, 15-Jan-16
Mr. Vijay Raj Pilania
Finite Element Simulation of a deep drawing process of perforated sheet metal using deform 3D
3rd National Conference On Innovative & Emerging Technologies (NCIET-2015) organized by Smt. S.R. Patel Engineering College, Unjha during 17th & 18th Apr. 2015, Apr-15
Mr. Vineet Kumar Mishra
Experimental and numerical investigation of single-phase fluid flow in minichannel array
Mechanical Engineering Graduate Research Symposium (MEGRES), March 21, 2015, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India, Mar-15
Mr. Vineet Kumar Mishra
Single phase flow and heat transfer in mini-microchannel heat sink with different aspect ratio
National Conference on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power, December 14-16, 2015, NITK, Surathkal, Dec-15
Mr. Pravendra Yadav
Analysis of RC Framed Structure Having Infill With and Without Slab Stiffness
National conference (NCSID-2015) at NITTTR, Chandigarh, February 26-27, 2015
Mr. Vineet Kumar Mishra
Effects of thermal property variations on the liquid flow variations in microchannel heat sink
International, Symposium on “Aspects of Mechanical Engineering and Technology for Industry, December 6-8, 2014, NERIST, India, Dec-14
Mr.Lokesh Kumar
Stress and stain measurement in graphene nano particles using raman spectroscopy
1st June 2013
Ms. Manjari Saxena
Biodiesel (Jatropha oil) as an alternative fuel for diesel engine
11 April, 2013
Ms. Manjari Saxena
Green electricity- Case study
28 April, 2013
Mr. Amit Bhatia
A note on design optimization of composite material leaf spring
ESTEEM -3 March 2013
Mr. Amit Bhatia
Parametric modeling & FEM analysis of composite material gear box
ESTEEM - 4 March 2013
Mr. Amit Bhatia
Parametric modeling & FEM analysis of composite material helical gear
RTET - 5 June 2012
Ms. Preeti Gulia
Comparision of Structural Properties in Kinematic Chain Using Graph Theory
May 29-30, 2014
Mr. Rajesh Mattoo
Automation and Robotic Techniques in an Industrial Organisation
08th July 2006
Mr. Rajesh Mattoo
Improving the Energy Efficiency of a Vapour Compressor System using a Phase Change Material
11th July 2008
Mr. Shubhender Singh
Mitigation strategies for risk management and sustainability in supply chain
National Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing, Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur, Jan-15
Mr. Shubhender Singh
MCDM Approach for facility location decisions for humanitarian aid supply chain
National Conference on Paradigms in Mechanical Enigineering (PME-2014), Department of Mechanical Engineering, Manav Rachna International University, Faridabad, Dec-14
Mr. Vikas Sahu
“Formation of Aluminium-Silicon Carbide Composite by Casting Process”
18th March 2013
Ms. Meeta Verma
Environment Friendly Roads-Why &How
MECON Community Hall Ranchi,in April 2011.
Ms. Meeta Verma
An Application of Fiber Reinforced Plastics or Polymers in Civil Engg Structures
National Journal for “Trends and Advances in Mechanical Engg TAME-2012” in YMCA Faridabad Year Oct-2012.
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