Book Bank Facility

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Book Bank Facility

Library has a Book Bank facility, which is very much helpful in fulfilling student?s requirement for the prescribed books on semester basis. Book Bank functions as one section of the library.


  • Membership of the Book Bank is optional.
  • Membership is open to all the students of Dronacharya College of Engineering. Students of any other institution managed by Smt. Anguridevi Charitable Trust may also become the member of the Book Bank with the prior approval of the Principal/Management.
  • Students desirous to become the member of the Book Bank will be required to pay the requisite fees.
  • Members will be required to renew their membership at the commencement of each semester.
  • Membership will be treated cancelled as and when students leave the college.


  • A fee of Rs. 500/- will be charged on annual basis for two semesters.
  • Security money of Rs. 2500/- will be required to be deposited separately, which will be refundable on the withdrawal of membership.

Circulation of books for book bank members

  • A student may get a maximum of six books from the Book Bank at a time.
  • Books will be issued at beginning of each semester as per the schedule notified for the purpose.
  • Books will be issued for whole semester. Members will be required to deposit the books after the completion of the exam as per the schedule notified.
  • A fine will be levied if book will not be returned as per the schedule.
  • Members will be responsible for any damage caused for the books. Members are advised to verify the physical condition of the books at time of its lending.
  • If a book is lost the member will be required to pay the twice of the current market price of the book.
  • Books will be issued on first come first served basis.
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